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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Your Brain@Work: Post #5--Distractions

Distractions: External distractions come from your surroundings—computers, music, cell phones, emails, texts, you name it. Distractions are frustrating and debilitating. Shifting attention takes a great deal of energy to get back on track. So, turn off everything you can. What about internal distractions? The medial PFC deals with thinking about yourself. It’s called the “default network” because when your brain is on “idle,” it starts to think about YOU.  Staying focused on a task depends on how you inhibit distractions, not how hard you focus. Self-control is a shallow pool and it dries up fast. And inhibiting things quickly keeps them from bypassing the braking system. For example, once you open your email or Facebook, it’s harder to stop yourself. So keep them closed. Again, when you get stuck, take a break. Perhaps this explains why great solutions come while we’re sleeping, running or taking a shower!

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