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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Truth About Leadership: Post #6

Truth Five—You Can’t Do it Alone. We remember when the1980 US hockey team won the Olympics (the “miracle” team) by beating the Russians; however, in 2004 the Dream Team (all the best pros like LaBron James) flubbed the Olympics? Leadership is ALL about the connection, the relationship, between leaders and followers. No followers and leaders are just out for a walk alone. There exists a primal, emotional connection that the authors refer to as being about intimacy, familiarity, and empathy. Leaders who are in emotional tune with their followers are better able to lead them to a shared vision, a collective discussion about the future, not a monologue by a soothsaying leader. Finally, leaders bring out the best in others. Like executive coaches, great leaders have more good questions than good answers. Sounds simple, but the urge to give advice, rather than to listen, is like a dog trying to resist marking a hydrant!

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