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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Social Marketing: Overview

Success Secrets of the Social Marketing Superstars Edited by Mitch Meyerson (Entrepreneur Press 2010) Reviewed by Steve Gladis, Ph.D., January 2011

It’s time for us all to learn social media. It’s more than a passing fancy. It’s mainstream. When Proctor and Gamble, IBM, and Staples have social media teams, you know it’s a moneymaker. And Mitch Meyerson has assembled a cast of 20 social literati to pen a book that’s well worth the read. If you want to know how your blog connects to Twitter and how often you need to tweet and import it to Facebook or update your Linkedin profile, this book can help. And while there are 20 different authors with varying styles, the book has a consistent format, tone, and unwavering message: Social media has become critical to mainstream business. Some stats to get your attention: Last year, GenXers outnumbered Baby Boomers, and 96% of them have joined social networks; one in six higher-ed students is enrolled in online curriculum; and, last year one in eight couples met through a social media site, according to Meyerson.
This week, I’ll review this book—and again, it’s a recommended read.

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