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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Truth About Leadership: Post #11

Truth Ten—Leadership is an Affair of the Heart. This is my favorite saying of the authors. Maybe it’s because I’m near their same age, and as I get older, I realize the power of emotions, especially love and matters of the heart. The authors say that love is the “soul of leadership,” and they quote Irwin Federman, former CEO of US Venture Partners: “….And we like them [leaders] in direct proportion to how they make us feel” (p. 137). I’m going to quote a bit from the summary of this chapter on p. 152…just because they say things so well. “Leaders put their hearts in their businesses and their businesses in their hearts….They show they care…are positive and upbeat, generating emotional energy that enables other to flourish.” In short, such leaders are in love with leading others.

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