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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Social Media Marketing: #6 A Good Primer

Dan Janal (“PR Strategies for Social Media”), a social marketing guru, wrote what I think is a social media primer for any business. In it, he emphasizes that PR today is part old school (magazines, newspapers, TV, and radio) and part new school (blogs, websites, Twitter, Linkedin, and much more). And people need to get good at both. You can mix the two. For example, find reporters you like, Google them, follow their blogs or tweets, then retweet their stuff, make comments on their blogs and compliment them by email whenever you find something worthy. This stuff really works. Write articles and post them to your blog and tweet about them. Check out to help you get more hits on Google. This is an article for every PR student to read. Read Dave Westfall’s quote on a concise social media PR strategy in a sidebar to Janal’s article on p. 141.

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