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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Immunity to Change: Post #7--Overcoming Immunity to Change

Overcoming Immunity to Change
a. Build a structure to bridge the gap between our intent and behavior by overcoming competing self-protective motivations. Do this by testing our big assumptions that get in the way of change (one foot on the gas and one on the brake prevents us from ever getting to the goal).
b. The change process takes time, roughly 3 months if you work on it. You can do it alone (tougher), with a friend, or with a coach.
c. The process
i. Hone the map: Review and edit the immunity map.
ii. Survey: Get outside agreement and input on Column 1.
iii. Envision: What’s the ideal look like if you achieve Column 1?
iv. Observe: Look at when big assumptions work and when they don’t. When, how, where did it start; what’s the current status?
v. Test: Poke at your assumptions by acting counter to them—record results. The authors call this experimenting. I like “poking” better because it’s not so daunting.
vi. Follow-up: Ask for input from others. How am I doing? What’s my effect on others?
vii. Identify: Note any hooks (hang-ups) or releases (freedom from assumptions) that emerge.
viii. Project: Once released from faulty assumptions, lean into unmet goals.

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