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Monday, February 27, 2012

Flourish: Post #13 - Resilience

Master Resilience Training
a. The U. of Penn team analogized that if teachers could be the cultivators of flourishing in schools, then the Army’s teachers could do the same. Those “teachers” are Drill Sergeants! Teach three aspects: Mental toughness, building strengths, and building strong relationships.
b. Mental Toughness: Overcoming mental traps, like overgeneralization. One guy makes a mistake early on, so he’s labeled a “mess.” Then the assumptions color how you regard him and translate his actions. Icebergs (like “men don’t cry”) are deeply imbedded beliefs that hurt us. Minimize catastrophic thinking—“If we don’t do this, the company will implode.” “Hunt the Good Stuff” is an approach to overcome these traps—change your thinking, change your attitude, change your life. An attitude of gratitude points us in a new direction, a positive one.
c. Building Strengths: We all have strengths and challenges. Key is to work on your strengths and manage your weaknesses. Nobody ever got successful by just overcoming a weakness but by figuring it out so his or her strengths could be employed regularly toward the problem. But also be careful not to overuse your strengths that can become “shadows” and hurt you. For example, concentration is good, but obsession can be limiting.
d. Build Strong Relationships: Active and constructive responses to people build your relationships. Specific praise and sincere questions show them you’re very interested. Assertive communication: 1) identify the problem; 2) describe it accurately; 3) express concerns; 4) ask the other person for his/her perspective; 5) list benefits when change is implemented.

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