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Friday, February 24, 2012

Flourish: Post #10 - Military & Pos. Psychology

The Military and Positive Psychology
a. Soldiers have had multiple tours in war—“an era of persistent conflict”— that have caused alarming rates of depression, anxiety, anger and suicide. The Army hired M. Seligman and his team to stop the upward negative cycle.
b. Rather than simply treat the big three—depression, anxiety, and anger—Seligman worked to focus on the well-being of soldiers (boosting levels of positivity) and its effect on their lives.
c. He also moved the locus of education to resilience (bounce back rates) and moved from the medical (psychiatric) arena to training to remove any stigma to soldiers.
d. Designed the Global Assessment Tool (GAT) to measure soldiers’ emotional, social, family and spiritual fitness. Soldiers take GAT and then focus on areas of need.

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