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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Extraordinary Coach: #6 Coaching Dialogues

Coaching Dialogues: In each of the critical sections of the book, I found the dialogues realistic and instructive so that the leader/coach would actually “see” the conversation. Here’s a brief truncated example from p. 83 on framing the conversation:

i. “Coachee: Hey, do you have a few minutes? Something is really bugging me, and I would like to talk about it with you.
ii. Coach: What would you like to discuss?
iii. Coachee: I’m really struggling with Ed. I keep finding myself needing information from him, and he doesn’t respond….
iv. Coach: Well that certainly sounds frustrating….What would you like to accomplish in this discussion?
v. Coachee: I guess I’d like a reality check; am I being unreasonable in my expectations?
vi. Coach: So, you’d feel good if you left with a game plan for approaching Ed…?”

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