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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tell To Win: Post #8--Tell It

Tell It. After getting ready and getting set, it’s time to tell your story. Again Guber offers some great advice as a movie producer, successful businessman, and accomplished speaker himself. First, he suggests that good speakers “get into a state.” Great actors, musicians, entertainers and athletes know this state. I call it getting into the zone. And it requires that you physically, mentally, and psychologically get set to deliver. Guber mentions a very important element, “…your intention [as a speaker] is actually what signals listeners to pay attention to you (p. 174).” Dan Siegel told Guber that mirror neurons in the mind of the audience only get tuned in and turned on when the speaker is acting intentionally and with active purpose. So when I move, point or raise or lower my voice, I literally turn on your mind. This is why nonverbal communication is so critical for public speakers. BTW, don’t forget to smile…highly contagious with audiences! There’s a TON of good stuff in this section…about being interactive with the audience, getting attention, engaging their senses, and being willing to go off script to adapt to the situation.

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