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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tell To Win: Post #6--The art of the tell

The art of the tell: Putting your story to work. Guber uses a simple, effective
structure in this section: Get Ready—Get Set—Tell It. Get Ready. Guber outlines several aspects of getting ready to speak. First, let preparation be the master of your success. What’s the essence of your goal as a speaker? Or, what do you want the audience to say, do, or think when you’re finished? Second, are you aligned and congruent with your own goals? Just like animals, finely tuned people can sense when you’re enthusiastic and congruous with your message. Before anyone will go a mile with you, they have to trust you. Third, do you know your audience? It’s ultimately all about them…your idea has to resonate with them or you’re just musing in public. What are their perspectives or biases? And what’s the right context for the speech—informal, formal, mediated or in person, etc?

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