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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Talent Masters: Post #2 GE Talent OS

The GE Talent Operating System. The flow of GE’s system is simple and rigorously adhered to: People ► Strategy ► Operations and Budgets. In their model, leaders invest time (up to 40%) on people. Coaching and feedback are constant and rigorous. Observations are collected from multiple perspectives and used over time. Session C personnel reviews are particularly rigorous and demanding of leaders, who were grilled by Welch about their personnel. Crotonville (NY), GE’s legendary training and development academy, became GE’s “crossroads of culture.” In fact, any newly acquired company must send its leadership to Crotonville to discuss any cultural differences. At GE, leadership development of their people was a core responsibility of every GE leader. In fact, knowing each leader intimately—true talents and potential—and a deep sense of trust are at the center of leadership development.

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