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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100-Day Action Plan: Post #7- The Burning Imperative

Your 100-Day Action Plan—Here’s where you pull the whole enchilada together.

--Create the burning imperative. People will only jump from a high platform into the ocean if that platform is burning and the alternative to jumping is unacceptable. You have to somehow create an absolutely compelling reason for your team to make the “jump” with you. And, according to the authors, you’d better do it in the first 30 days or start looking for a new team to lead because you’ll lose your strongest momentum booster—being new. The components of a burning imperative are the headline (an all-encapsulating tagline) followed by your vision, mission statement, objectives, goals, strategies and values. See p. 145 for an outline for conducting an off-site imperative workshop.

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