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Thursday, March 17, 2011

100-Day Action Plan: Post #3 - Promoted from Within

You've just been romoted from within: Sounds like a good deal, and it can be or not. The company has a real advantage because it can negotiate quickly and doesn’t have the fallout of an outside exec who doesn’t make it. But when you come from the ranks, there can be jealously, resentment, and fears. Three things the authors explain in detail that I’ll just mention: 1) You can’t control the context, so be set for a lot of adjusting as you go; 2) Take control of your own transition, especially how and to whom it’s initially announced because most companies do a poor job of this; 3) There is no real honeymoon—maybe only a weekend! Because you’re an insider, the leadership will assume you know what you’re doing and will expect you to get going.

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