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Friday, March 25, 2011

100-Day Action Plan: Post #9 - Momentum

Driving toward 100 days. Just as important as follow-through is momentum. In the middle of any car trip, kids will invariably ask, “Are we there yet?” Teams do exactly the same thing. They start running out of gas and need a recharge. So, pick interim objectives that are important to your boss and the organization, overinvest in making sure they happen, and celebrate and publicize the team’s success to keep the momentum up to reach the long-term goal. Key to any success is talent. In fact, talent management, I would contend, is at the heart of success. If you have the wrong people rowing the boat, you never make it to the finish line on time. The author uses the A-D-E-P-T model or acronym to remind leaders how important talent management is. ADEPT= Acquire, Develop, Encourage, Plan, and Transition talent to make it to your vision of the first 100 days.

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