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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Three Fears: FINAL Post

Fear #3: Fear of Feeling Inferior. We all have egos. The trick in “naked” or transparent consulting is to not let that ego keep us from serving the client, first and foremost. Sometimes consultants feel the need to be smart, needed and respected—and that ego need can blur the line between client service and self aggrandizement. Avoid ego like the plague if you want to obtain and retain clients! Some suggestions from the author follow. First: Make Everything About the Client. “It’s all about the client, stupid!” should be your mantra. Second: Honor the Client’s Work. Either you respect the client’s work or not. If not, pass on the work. Not easy, especially when you could use the cash flow. Third: Admit Your Weaknesses and Limitations. It takes a whole lot more energy to play act what you’re not than to be honest about both strengths and especially weaknesses. In fact, there is research that if you mention a weakness up front in a conversation, people are far more likely to believe what you say. One Final Note: I like all of Lencioni’s stuff. In fact, he inspired me to write leadership fables. So, Patrick, thanks for this and for your efforts to make this a more legitimate genre.

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