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Friday, August 6, 2010

Go-Givers Sell More: FINAL Post

The Law of Receptivity: Give first, but don’t be afraid to get too. Many people actually have a hard time taking compliments. The authors argue such a mentality sometimes sabotages sales. They insist on people being in an “attitude of gratitude” that keeps them psychologically open to receiving the wealth that life naturally gives to us. It’s almost like willing something to happen that helps make it actually come true. Just say “thank you.” And, living generously and openly creates an openness and trust that spreads. That’s why you will often get a piece of business that seems to come out of the blue. However, when you analyze it, that business comes from your spreading your own wealth and then staying open to the world giving back, without ever being asked. The final chapter of this book is about trust. Having written The Trusted Leader this year, I was pleased to see trust discussed by the authors. They ask: How do you get people to trust you? By being a trusting person. Finally, they add that you can’t control others, only yourself. So, serve others, create value for them, and be trusting. Great advice. Great book. Get it, read it, do it!

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