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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Go-Givers Sell More: Post #5

The Law of Authenticity: Show up in any conversation as yourself. Integrity is key…doing what you say you will. Great quote: “Facts tell, but stories sell.” Remember that listening is not just waiting your turn to talk. The authors talk about the difference between closing and opening. Rather than using a traditional “closer” approach, they suggest: first, to apply no pressure; second, give them an out by making a pressure release statement: “If you can’t, I’ll definitely understand.” Finally, allow a lot of air time for the other person. You do that by not rushing to fill in the dead air with chatter. The authors say it best: “In conversation, often the most powerful moments are not when you are speaking but when you pause and make room for the other person.” In short, the more the customer talks, the smarter you get, and the better the customer feels about you and your product. Nice ROI.

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