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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Go-Givers Sell More: Post #3

The Law of Compensation: The more people you touch with your value, the better off you’ll be. Key word here is touch. Touch people with impact and substance. And to the extent that you can increase your reach of that experience, you’ll be compensated very well. The idea is that when you meet people, don’t sell to them, but get to know them better—and touch them—by being truly interested in what they have to say and what’s truly important to them. Find common touch points. When people tell their stories—about where they grew up or what they do for a living—listen closely to connect your life with theirs. But always remember, it’s not about you. Gaining rapport is a principle of connecting, and the quickest way to connect is by just smiling at people—and there’s a lot of science around that one too!

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