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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Measure: Post #8--Capabilities

Pay Attention to Capabilities: Companies that lose sight of what critical capabilities are often have important resources taken away. Capabilities are resources, processes and priorities—and while they’re interdependent, these are also independent of each other. Resources include people, money, equipment—things you can count and value. Processes are how people in a company interact—talk, listen, work in teams, and produce stuff (processes are invisible but can be more powerful than resources). Priorities revolve around how companies decide what’s most important to guide investment of time, talent, and money. The author suggests we not outsource the future in business or in our families. If not monitored closely, outsourcing can make companies drift into becoming shells for foreign competitors. In our personal live, teaching kids tough lessons to help them cope with resources, processes and priorities can determine their future success. Christensen warns that our children need to be able to solve hard problems. We spend far too much time building self-esteem and far too little time preparing them to cope with the ups and downs of life. [Thus, we create narcissists instead of healthy and resilient adults.]

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