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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love 2.0: Post# 7-- Loving Others

Loving Others: When you compare yourself to people like you who are better off, you feel bad; when you compare yourself to people worse off than you, you feel good. Either way, a divide forms by practicing such “social comparison.” Ceasing this practice helps you appreciate others in a way that brings you real happiness and love—positive resonance. And when it comes to misfortune, some people put distance between themselves and the suffering of others. However, compassion moves toward the pain and does not run away from it. You see this in hospice nurses and others dedicated to compassion. Further, resilience—the ability to bounce back after setbacks and problems—is fueled by positive emotion. In fact, “braiding” positive emotion with something bad that happens helps us become resilient. Thinking “This too shall pass” or “I’m not the only one suffering from this” helps us face a difficult setback. Becoming less self-absorbed and more open to others starts building resilience. Self-pity and self-absorption are the enemies of personal resiliency—the ability to bounce back from problems.

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