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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Measure: Post #11-- Purpose

Purpose in Life: Purpose in a company [and in your life] “…will serve as a beacon focusing your attention on what really matters.” Three elements of purpose: 1. Likeness—a vision of what we want the company to look like in the future—what employees hope to have built at critical points in the company; 2. Commitment—leaders have to have a “conversion” to the very vision (likeness) that will protect them from the influence of everyday forces that can push us down a very slippery slope; 3. Metrics—successful companies have to develop a reliable set of metrics to keep track of how they’re doing. Christensen argues that the power and importance of purpose must be made intentional with metrics. Then he applies this process to our lives. 1. Likeness: What kind of a person do you want to become? Describe your vision of your future ideal self in detail; 2) Commitment: allocate your time, talent and energy toward that future likeness or vision; 3) Metrics: How will you measure your life? For all of us, the author would suggest being true to our likeness/vision and commitment. How well did you stay on course? Who did you help? What relationships did you nurture? Ultimately, we’ll all have to decide on how to measure ourselves. So, figure out your purpose, steer toward it, measure your progress along the way. Many thanks to Clay Christensen.

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