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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Your Next Move: Transition Coaching

FINAL Post: Review of Your Next Move (by Michael Watkins):

Transition Coaching: Without doubt, my eyes lit up when the author recommend strongly coaching for those involved in transition. While this is might be self-serving for me to raise in this review, I’ve seen this process help new executives accelerate their transition into a new organization by conducting entry/transition meetings with staff and the new leader where the staff identify what they want to know about the new leader and what they want the new leader to know about them—all conducted by a third party executive coach. The adjustment acceleration can be exceptional for the new executive

If you're thinking of getting promoted or changing your job, BUY this book and read it carefully. If you have employees whom you're getting ready to promote, buy a copy for each of them. Well worth their time and your sanity!

Michael Watkins is the go-to guy when it comes to job transitions.

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