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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Peter Block on Community Building at ICF Conference

ICF--Second Post: The International Coach Federation conference was great. Here's another presenter of particular interest to me and perhaps you:

Peter Block and Community: Peter kicked off the opening session with over 1,200 present. Peter is the rock star of community building. His body of work has been around empowerment, stewardship, accountability and reconciliation of community. He really woke people up and asked us all to be honest with each other about why we came to the conference. Picture a group of over a thousand people broken up into groups of three sitting less than a foot apart (per his instructions) admitting that Florida was a great place to be, they wanted to get their certification points, it seemed like the right thing to do…and other very honest responses. The exercises that followed drew us all closer and more honestly to each other as we literally “built community.” Here’s a video (not of the conference) of Peter with his co-host. Barbara McAfee who sang (yep, I said sang)…several amazing and penetrating songs the made you think as much as tap your foot. Interview with Peter Block

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