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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Your Next Move: Eight Promotional Challenges

THIRD Post: Review of Your Next Move by Michael Watkins:
Watkins identifies eight promotional challenges: 1) The Promotion Challenge—moving on up and leaving your old job behind; 2) Leading Former Peers—assuming the mantle of authority and leadership and re-crafting relationships with former peers; 3) Corporate diplomacy challenge—As you move up the need for understanding internal politics is jugular; 4) The On-boarding challenge—coming from the outside into a new culture is one of the toughest of all moves to survive; 5) The International challenge—again because you will literally be entering a new culture, this is a tough transition, often complicated by language challenges; 6) The Turnaround challenge—grabbing the reins on an organization heading over the cliff can be stimulating and scary as hell; 7) The Realignment challenge—Sometimes the organization is in deep denial and does not want to change, which means they’re not exactly receptive to change; 8) The Business Portfolio challenge—when you’ve been promoted to head up a business unit that has components in different stages of needs—like juggling Jello. However, Watkins makes sense of each critical transition.

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