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Friday, December 18, 2009

ICF Conference: Gertrude Matshe's Story

ICF--THIRD Post: The International Coach Federation conference was great. Here's another presenter of particular interest to me and perhaps you:

Gertrude Matshe is from New Zealand and a motivational speaker, coach, story teller and author. She tells her compelling story about her continent, Africa, in a way that is emotionally wrenching. From the program description of Gertrude: “She has been described as a vibrant bundle of African energy whose zest and passion for life inspires everyone she meets. Matshe’s story from growing up in Africa to starting a life over in a different country (New Zealand) and becoming a successful entrepreneur will prove that anything is possible if you have a purpose."

Here’s a video (not the ICF Conference but of great value) of Gertrude Matshe speaking.

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