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Saturday, December 19, 2009

ICF Conference: David Logan on Performance

ICF--FOURTH Post: The International Coach Federation conference was great. Here's another presenter of particular interest to me and perhaps you:

David Logan teaches at USC in their executive MBA program. David spoke on the Three Laws of Performance. Here’s some info from the ICF Website: “While most of us may not be aware of it, we have already created a future formulated upon our hopes, fears, dreams, expectations and life perceptions. Similarly, organizations have futures written by history, circumstance, culture, successes and failures. Join Dave Logan, as he cracks the code wide open on rewriting the future for breakthrough performance-for yourself, your clients, and organizations. Discover and apply the concepts behind the Three Laws of Performance, including:

• Why people do what they do-and what to do about it as a leadership coach.
• The behaviors of leaders that allow for breakthrough performance in their organizations.
• How one's "terministic screen" determines perception and action.
• Seven commitments designed to break performance barriers in conversations.
• Learning to craft a vision to promote positive outcomes by using descriptive vs. generative, or future-based language.
• How leaders can support a new platform of communication that will elevate and unify organizations.”

While footage wasn’t available on the Three Laws of Performance, here’s a sample video of David speaking at about tribal leadership.

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