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Monday, October 5, 2009

TED Presentation: Rick Warren on Purpose

In my opinion, ( ) is one of the best sites on the Web. The best speakers/thinkers in the country lecture for about 20 minutes on “ideas worth sharing.” This week, we will follow several speakers who have messages/ideas worth hearing and sharing on issues relating to leadership.

This is the SECOND of the series from

TED Presentation: Rick Warren on Purpose

Author of mega-hit book, The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren talks about purpose. He asks the biblical question that God asked Moses (in the Old Testament), “What’s in your hand.” Warren spends much of his time asking groups the same question: What’s in your hand—what’s your purpose in life. Where do you get three things: 1) Your identity; 2) Your income; 3) And, where can you use it to influence others. Understanding your core purpose is asking yourself: What’s in my hand?

Watch the vide of Rick Warren speaking on Purpose.

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