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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Resilience Mastery: Leading with Energy

Leadership from the Inside Out by Kevin Cashman remains one of my top picks for teaching leaders how tob become the best leader they can be...starting within themselves.

This is the NINTH of the series about Leadership from the Inside Out (second edition)

Resilience Mastery: Leading with Energy

a. Manage Your Energy, Not Time
i. HBR article: Time is finite…energy is infinite.
ii. We get energy from four sources: body, mind, emotions, and spirit

b. Time Management focuses on scarcity—limited resources, productivity, goals and outcomes. Thus, time management becomes an external, limited engine for energy.

c. Energy Leadership focuses on abundance--passion and purpose, engagement, synergy (multiplying energy), and leadership of others. Thus, energy leadership becomes an internal, unlimited font of energy.

d. Healthy 100-Year Olds: Research shows they have four common traits:
i. Optimism—more future than past orientation.
ii. Engagement—they dive into life.
iii.Mobility—they remain active.
iv. Adaptability—they like to learn and change to meet current needs.

e. Focus on activities that build the four sources: body, mind, emotions, and spirit—reading, a fitness regimen, a good friend to listen to you and meditation or just being alone to…to simply be alone. Some signs of having resilience (many more in the book): Smooth, abundant energy, optimism, creativity and innovation….

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