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Saturday, October 3, 2009

TED: About Motivation

In my opinion, ( ) is one of the best sites on the Web. The best speakers/thinkers in the country lecture for about 20 minutes on “ideas worth sharing.” This week, we will follow several speakers who have messages/ideas worth hearing and sharing on issues relating to leadership. This is the FIRST of the series from

Dan Pink on Motivation

Below find the link to Dan Pink—former speechwriter for Al Gore—speaking about motivation. I think you’ll find it amazing in that in business we use extrinsic incentives (carrots and sticks), not intrinsic incentives (autonomy, mastery and purpose), and the results are generally a failure. So, if you have a sales incentive program based on payouts, you will want to listen to this presentation on motivation. I think this is worth passing along to companies who might benefit from it.

Click here to see Dan Pink's lecture on motivation at TED.

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