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Sunday, October 11, 2009

TED Presenation: On Lifelong Learning

In my opinion, ( ) is one of the best sites on the Web. The best speakers/thinkers in the country lecture for about 20 minutes on “ideas worth sharing.” This week, we will follow several speakers who have messages/ideas worth hearing and sharing on issues relating to leadership.

This is the FINAL of the series from

Ben Dunlop on Lifelong Learning
President of Wofford College in South Carolina, Ben Dunlop, talks about his relationship with Hungarian Sandor Teszler, Holocaust survivor, and how he integrated a textile factory in the heart of a racist South Carolina back in history. It was Teszler’s absolute craving to learn that kept his soul charged long into his later years of life. Dunlop opens us up to the passion for learning and its value to fulfilled life.

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