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Monday, October 12, 2009

Leadership from the Inside Out

Leadership from the Inside Out remains one of my top picks for teaching leaders how to become the best leader they can be...starting within themselves. Over the next week, I will post segments of my in-depth review of this book.

This is the FIRST of the series about Leadership from the Inside Out (second edition)

Are leaders born or can they be “made?” Kevin Cashman would say they’re made, self-made—from the inside out. Senior partner in Korn Ferry’s leadership and talent group and founder of his own renowned firm LeaderSource—later acquired by Korn Ferry—Cashman has earned the reputation of being a leadership guru. In my opinion, he deserves that reputation largely because of this book—especially this second edition.

Further, I recommend that all executives and leaders read this book. Buy it for the entire leadership structure and have regular conversations over the year about its content. It’s THAT important a book.

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