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Friday, October 19, 2012

Innovative Team: Post #8--Plans

Implementing Plans: Driving change isn’t easy because every change involves a huge emotional challenge for people. Remember that the pull of the status quo will always be a powerful counter-pressure to change. In a group, the folks most likely to want to implement change are “drivers” who can often be seen as pushy and assertive.  So, be sensitive to the group’s emotions or become the target of their wrath. Therefore, the authors propose a simple but effective “assistors-resistors” approach which will help teams recognize the emotional and physical helpers or blockers in the organizations. Simply asking who, what, when, where and why about both the assistors and resistors provides you with a worthy strategy. Of course, assistors will help you champion your plan. However, when considering resistors, implement the “challenge questioning” process: Ask “How can we get marketing to help us? What would appeal to the COO? I wonder who could get to the CFO?” This assistor-resistor process is a powerful antidote to failure.

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