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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Innovative Leader: Post #9--The Fable

The Story/Fable.  Story by its nature helps people to see the process work. To the extent that the fable helps us see this innovative process in action, it works. An innovative team works through the four-pronged process (Clarify, Generate, Develop, and Implement) to provide their important client ultimately with a set of ideas that will propel their client’s company forward. Some hints that might help the authors next time around might be to shorten the story, reduce the dialogue and intersperse it with more vivid description, and make us care more about the characters as real people. They felt like Legos to me…serving a definite purpose (their thinking styles) but not someone I cared for on an emotional level. I also thought the climax of the story fell short. Again, I think the fable illustrates the innovative process and just needs some work buffing up the story.

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