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Sunday, July 8, 2012

No Asshole Rule: Post#3 -Enforcement

Enforcing the “No Asshole Rule.” Every organization can be susceptible to jerks. Sports teams are certainly no exception. Former basketball coach Bobby Knight and football player Terrell Owens are perfect examples of what jerks in sports look like. Amazing talent that gets trumped by bad behavior. I like Google’s cardinal rule: “Don’t be evil.” Now, there are temporary as well as certified jerks. Temporary jerks recognize when they’ve done wrong, correct it, and apologize. Certified jerks either seem to revel in or are oblivious to the effect of their behaviors. Thus, the author suggests a no-jerk workplace and a no-jerk hiring policy. He uses IDEO as a model…using 360 interviews, keeping jerks off of the hiring panel, and moving jerks out of the organization ASAP.

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