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Friday, July 6, 2012

No Asshole Rule: Post#2 -Abuse at Work

Mistreatment and abuse in the workplace is commonplace and rampant. As an example of abuse, consider the following: 90% of nurses claim abuse by doctors; 27% of Michigan residents claim abuse at work, and at the Veterans Administration, 36% of employees complained of abuse by coworkers or managers. Moreover, 73% of witnesses of such bullying and mistreatment suffer stress themselves. The telltale hallmarks of teams and organizations led by jerks are fear, loathing, and retaliation. Not exactly a work setting conducive to productivity, as opposed to one that is “psychologically safe.”  The total cost of increased absenteeism, lack of productivity and employee turnover is astronomical. For example, 25% of abused or bullied employees exit companies, and 20% of witnesses of bullying leave. See p. 48-50 for the true impact of jerks in your organization.

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