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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happiness: Post#4 - At Work

Happiness at Work: Yale researcher Amy Wrzesniewski found that people view their work three distinctly different ways. First, some people view their work as a job: Leisure time is more important to them; money is a strong motivator; they watch the clock and look forward to the end of the workday; they would not recommend their job to another; and, they work to the rule—do what they’re told. Second, others view their work as a career: They look at the calendar, not the clock—plotting out their career path; they may enjoy their work; they are motivated by advancement; they try to impress their bosses; and they may recommend their company to others. Third, others (about 1/3 of the workers) see their work as a “calling”—that is, important work that makes a difference in the world. These folks love their work; think about work when not at work; would recommend their company to a friend; work hard because the job is rewarding; and don’t really see their work as a task. “Job Crafting” is a characteristic of “calling” folks…they take initiative to change their jobs, even in small ways, to suit their strengths and values. Finally, you may be a CEO working at a “job” or working as a janitor in a “calling”…it’s all in your attitude toward your work.

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