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Monday, July 2, 2012

No Asshole Rule: Post#1 - Overview

The No Asshole Rule (Business Plus, 2007) by Robert Sutton, Ph.D., and reviewed by Steve Gladis, Ph.D. in June 2012--Watch for postings over the next two weeks.

Overview: We’ve all experienced domineering bosses, obnoxious peers and even direct reports who we enjoyed far more when they were on vacation or sick leave! Bob Sutton of Stanford calls them assholes, which I refer to as “jerks,” despite acknowledging the preciseness of Bob’s description. Jerks cause lower productivity, infighting, humiliation, stonewalling, and defensiveness. They can dominate some cultures, and if you let them in your house, batten down the hatches because they bring in drama and pain. Sutton provides a self-test to assess whether or not you’re a “jerk,” which can be instructive and at the same time humbling—at least when you think about things you may have done in the past—even as a temporary jerk, let alone a certified one! This book is well worth the read if it can simply help you from hiring a single jerk or help you push one out the door.

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