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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best Business Books #2--Action Learning

Action Learning by Reg Ravans (Blond & Briggs, 1974). Reg Ravans is a guy I would like to meet. Action Learning revolutionized the way teams solve problems, learn to get along, and teach themselves leadership. Ravans came up with this highly inquisitive model while working with a bevy of Nobel prize winning physicists at the famous Cavendish Labs in England—the home of modern physics. Imagine wrestling with the egos of Nobel laureates to solve big problems facing them as they tried to move to the next level. “Action learning is about teaching a little and learning a lot.” The theory rests on the notion that learning takes place based on opening up to insightful questions. Indeed, questions are at the heart of the process, where people can’t speak unless asking a question or answering one.

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