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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nudge: FINAL Post

One Final Nudge: This may come as a surprise, but we humans are not machines (Econs, as the authors call it), but rather fallible creatures subject to short-cut decisions amid a life of geometrically increasing options. We have two decision-making systems—Automatic and Reflective—and much of the time the Automatic system overrides the Reflective one. The authors suggest that choice architects—any of us, like parents, bosses, friends—can act in the other’s best interest by employing simple and available nudging techniques to help them make good decisions. So, read Nudge, tweet or facebook these posts to your friends and colleagues, and nudge them to do the same.
a. P.S.—Here’s a BIG Bonus: If you want to hear Richard Thaler talk about Nudge live, check him out at Google Authors: Richard Thaler speaks at Google.

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