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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Something Better: The Employee Survey

This is the third of several posts this week based on my review of the book: The Pursuit of Something Better by Dave Esler and Myra Kruger...available on Amazon. I highly recommend for senior executives who want a handle on how to build culture in a company.

The first and central evaluation tool is U.S. Cellular’s employee survey. A 29-question survey filled out by an amazing 97% (most organization would be happy with 60-70% response rates), rates how true the organization and its leaders have been true to the tenets of the Dynamic Organization. Every year employees rate, in addition to the organization, not only their immediate supervisor but also, their supervisor’s leader…so employees get two cracks at two levels of leadership. Rooney’s belief is that the way leaders treat employees (in this case associates) mirrors how employees/associates treat their customers. This survey is therefore central to any company intent on retaining customers. And if you’re a leader at U.S. Cellular, the results of the annual survey, announced at an annual meeting, are damned important to your future with the company. One quote I love from this section of the book: “On the topic of leadership, only the led get a vote.” Talk about a powerful enforcement of the culture!

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