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Monday, September 28, 2009

HBR: High Potentials in the Downturn

This the third of several postings this week regarding the September 2009 issue of the Harvard Business Review, which I highly recommend you purchase for your executives.

High Potentials in the Downturn: Sharing the Pain
Nancy Carter and Christing Silva

In a survey of business school graduates, the authors from Catalyst polled them about how they were doing during the recession. A few stats:

--10% lost their jobs…but it would have been worse, had they used the last in first out rule for high potentials.
--6% had their hours reduced…small potatoes for these high potentials.
--20% of high potentials went job hopping…significant, I’d say.
--19% of women vs. only 6% of men were laid off. I’d be reviewing your EEO policies on this one.

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