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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Opening Chapter--The Executive Coach in the Corporate Forest

Read the opening chapter of The Executive Coach in the Corporate Forest

Marshall Goldsmith, the most respected executive coach in the country, has high praise for this new book: “Many executives have heard about executive coaching but don’t know what it actually looks like. Through this business fable, The Executive Coach in the Corporate Forest, Steve Gladis has given such inquiring executives a clear picture of the entire executive coaching process from start to finish. I enjoyed all the fictional characters with their own quirks and issues, many of which I’ve seen in my own Fortune 500 clients. Steve has done an outstanding job, and the next time someone asks me what executive coaching is all about, I’ll say, ‘Just read The Executive Coach in the Corporate Forest.’ ”

Although executive coaching has become increasingly popular with organizations across the globe because of its effectiveness, many people don’t know what it looks like until they actually commit to the process. The confidentiality involved in coaching between coach and client is somewhat responsible for the mysteriousness of the process. That’s why Dr. Steve Gladis has written The Executive Coach in the Corporate Forest to help leaders better see and understand how executive coaching works.

Written as a business fable, The Executive Coach in the Corporate Forest is the story of a gifted executive coach, J. C. Williams, and his coaching relationships with his varied business clients—all with their own professional challenges. The book offers engaging stories, has believable characters with realistic problems, and illustrates the structure and content of the coaching process. The book is a quick read—something any busy executive could read on a flight between Washington, DC and Boston—and is time very well spent, not only for the individual executive but for her or his company’s future.

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