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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Calling All Women Leaders

Leading from the Front: No Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women shows women how to lead…it’s that simple and powerful. The authors are two former women Marine Corps Captains, Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch, both of whom have had successful corporate careers and since formed their own leadership company, Lead Star

As a former Marine Corps officer myself, I recognized some of their key points and loved their many specific and compelling stories—a nice mixture of Marine and corporate stories. I actually felt like I really got to know the character of the authors well…and they’re quality folks. Read the book and you’ll see. In fact I’m giving it to my two daughters, both professionals, as a great leadership course to help them as they lead in their fields. Here are the chapter titles…that really come alive when you read the stories that help you see their leadership principles in action:

1. Meet and exceed the standards you ask of others—lead from the front.
2. Make timely decisions—find the 80% solution.
3. Seek to take responsibility before you begin to place blame.
4. True leaders dedicate themselves to service—take care of those you lead.
5. Think before you act—especially before you overreact.
6. When faced with a crisis—aviate, navigate, and communicate.
7. Courage + Initiative + Perseverance + Integrity = Success.
8. Don’t cry over something that won’t cry over you.
9. Say you’re sorry only when you’re at fault.
10.Always lead as you are.

This book is really worth the read—if you or someone you care about wants to lead a family, a group, or a team—at home, as a volunteer, or at work.

Also, check out their Web site:

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