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Monday, December 8, 2008

Center for Creative Leadership Podcasts

Center for Creative Leadership...see their podcasts. Here area just a are on their site: CCL Leading Effectively Podcast Series - All Podcasts

10 Principles for Working Across Generations — Using these 10 principles will help you look past the stereotypes and become a more effective leader to people of all ages.

6 Ways to Make Conflict Productive — Here are 6 ways to produce positive outcomes from conflict.

Becoming Resilient: Leadership, Uncertainty, and Learning to Thrive in Times of Change — Discover the five areas you can develop to increase your resiliency.

Beware of Your Strengths — A popular notion has taken hold in many management-development circles: Managers need focus only on their strengths rather than develop weak spots. But such thinking needs to be tempered with a healthy dose of reality, says the Center for Creative Leadership.

Beyond Words: Communicate with Actions and Attitude — Does your communication style rely solely on what you say? Learn how to use actions and attitudes to communicate more effectively.

The Big 6: An Active Listening Skill Set — Apply these six skills required for active listening and you will not only be known as a good listener - you will become a better leader as well.

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