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Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Study on Power

The Center for Creative Leadership has conducted a study on power. Here's a summary from CCL's Web page:

  1. Make relationships a priority
  2. Don't overplay your personal agenda
  3. Maximize your communications network
  4. Be generous with information
  5. Be an expert
  6. Tailor your power to reward others
  7. Reward with words
  8. Punish with purpose
  9. Teach others

"Some stats from the research: Power is simply "the potential to influence others." CCL recently surveyed 280 leaders about the nature of power at work. Key findings include:

  • 94% rated themselves as being moderately to extremely powerful at work. There is a notable correlation between a leader's level in the organization and how powerful they believe themselves to be at work.
  • 28% agree that power is misused by top leaders in their organization.
  • 59% agree that their organization empowers people at all levels.
  • 41% indicated that they would feel more powerful at work if they had more formal authority. "


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