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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Collective Genius:Post #3--A Willing Team

How Leaders Create a Team Willing to Innovate.
a.    Shared Common Purpose: Why we exist. An overarching purpose unites people. Such a vision is not just set by the leader but also bubbles from the bottom on up. Shared purpose creates the atmosphere for innovation to thrive.
b.    Shared Values: What we agree on is important. Studies by the authors show that key shared values in innovative companies are: boldness, ambition, learning, and responsibility.
c.    Shared Rules of Engagement. How we interact with each other and think about problems. Two big categories:
i.    How people in the group interact: Support safety for people to challenge, innovate, and fail without fear. All employees engage in mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual influence.
ii.    How people in the group think: Question everything, be data driven deciders, and “see the whole.” Experiment and focus on clients.

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