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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Collective Genius: Post #4--Making a Team "Able"

How Leaders Create a Team Able to Innovate.
Leaders have to balance paradoxes. Authors use a “harness and unleash” metaphor—balancing order and creativity. Several other paradoxes: Patience vs. urgency, iterative learning vs. performance, and bottom-up ideas vs. top-down controls. Three ways leaders create an ecosystem for creativity and innovation:
a.    Collaboration ~ Using Creative Abrasion. Creativity comes from ideas from diverse people colliding and combining to find something new. Options emerge “through discourse, debate and even conflict,” not through a flash of individual genius.
b.    Discovery-driven learning ~Using Creative Agility. The ability to test and experiment through quick pursuit, reflection, and adjustment. Innovation comes from experimentation, failure, dead ends, learning, and revision.
c.    Integrative Decision Making ~ Using Creative Resolution. The ability to integrate decisions that combine disparate or even opposing ideas. Innovative leaders neither dominate nor simply compromise—neither approach produces the best creativity. Rather, innovators find a third way of integrating ideas—fusing them to synthesize something new.

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