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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Collective Genius: Post #2--Case Studies

Collective Genius at Work.
Case studies of firms that innovate and thrive:
a.    Ed Catmull (Pixar)—Catmull created an environment that enabled creativity and produced amazing success. Hundreds of people work on a film, and Catmull allowed them all to have a voice in each film—pulling together individual slices of genius into the “collective genius” that is Pixar. The focus was revision (iteration) of the story.
b.    Vineet Nayar: The president and CEO of Indian computer giant HCL worked to use IT to become a transformative partner with clients. Employees were unwilling and unable to innovate; however, he thought the value zone was between employees and customers. Using transparency, engagement, shared purpose, values, and rules of engagement, he became the “social architect” who had all the questions, not all the answers…”transferring ownership of the organization’s growth [to employees].”

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