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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Collective Genius: Post #1--Overview

Overview:  Most leaders know that innovation is the key to success, even survival, in a competitive global environment, but we don’t know how to do innovation! This book answers the “how to” question. The book offers not only an innovation formula but also explicit case studies of innovation in practice. Rather than create innovative vision themselves, innovative leaders create an ecosystem that allows the collective innovative vision to emerge from hard work. Leaders “set the stage” but aren’t actors on that stage. They create a “willing” team by forging a common purpose, shared values, and mutual rules. Leaders develop their teams by using techniques to implement the innovation process: Collaboration (uses the collaborative abrasion technique), discovery-driven learning (uses the creative agility technique), and integrative decision making (uses the creative resolution technique). Everyone has a slice of genius. Great leaders figure out how to find that genius and get it to play well with others.

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